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New! WinSystems Rugged Intel® Dual-Core Computer SYS-405D


The SYS-405D is a rugged, industrial system capable of operating at extended temperatures WS SYS 405Dawithout requiring a fan or heat-pipe. The SYS-405D is based on the dual-coreIntel® Atom™ E3827 processor and protected by a rugged enclosure.The SYS-405D includes dual Ethernet, dual MiniPCIe, USB 3.0, serial ports with RS-232/422/485 and two independent displays via DisplayPort, and/or Analog VGA.


Benefiting from Intel® Silvermont microarchitecture, the Atom™ E3827 provides up to twice the performance of previous Atom™ processors while drawing less power. The SYS-405D features a wealth of I/O and expansion options including USB3, USB2, dual Gigabit Ethernet, MiniPCIe, two RS-232/422/485 serial ports, I2C and SPI bus.


Datasheet SYS-405D