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Measurement and Control device for Automation Equipment

ev_aeq-2831.pngEvoc's new AEQ-2831 is a new-generation measurement and control device for on-site automation equipment. Adopting noiseless and wide-temperature design by industrial standards, the AEQ-2831 is ideally suited to harsh industrial environments. It is configured with a 10.4″ all-in-one industrial panel display and comprehensive acquisition control ports (16-channel AD, 16-channel DI, 16-channel relay output). The product features flexible networking, and multiple communication methods, including Ethernet, ADSL, RS-232, RS-485 wired communication and PRS/CDMA wireless network communication. The product can be widely applied in factory automation, on-line monitoring device of environment protection, power-saving device, new energy measurement and control, electric power automation, and many other industrial and process automation applications.