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Low Power Multi-Core Network Solution

ev_nmc-8102.gifThe NMC-8102 from Evoc Intelligent Technology is a low-power multi-core network solution. Ultra-high forwarding performance due to Cavium high-performance Multi-Core MIPS64 CPU, main frequency up to dual-core 700M, up to 1000M wire-speed for complete system, 600Kpps forwarding rate for 64-byte packets. The NMC-8102 adopts a multi-core processor with multithreading software technology. It can assign the task of security gateway forwarding and function load to multiple cores to improve performance. The product supports optional hardware acceleration and encryption module, which can effectively process network forwarding, routing, VPN acceleration and many other technology. It has specific hardware for specific operations, which ensures that security gateway operation will not affect the primary CPU tasks, optimizing both performance and functionality. The NMC-8102 series network connectors are optional and flexible, which supports up to 4~8 Gigabit Ethernet ports. NMC-8102 is a 1U rackmount computer platform. Power saving design of the NMC-8102 enables power-saving with a power consumption lower than 30W, its hardware technique complies with international environmental health specifications.