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Intel® Atom™ N270 CPU PC/104 Single Board Computer from Evoc Intelligent Technology.

104-1812cld2n_web.jpgThe first PC/104 single board computer based on Intel NetBook (specially designed for low-cost notebooks) embedded platform in the world. It is not the first time EVOC released products based on Intel 945GSE. The chipset consists of the Intel® 82945GSE Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) and Intel® I/O Controller Hub 7-M (ICH7-M). It delivers outstanding system performance and flexibility through high-bandwidth interfaces such as PCI Express, PCI, Serial ATA, and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity.

The 104-1812CLD2N adopts onboard the low-power N270 Atom™ CPU with only 4W power consumption. The low-power consumption allows it to operate without a fan, therefore it can be used under an extended temperature range ( -40°C~+85°C). It provides onboard 512MB DDR2 memory, expandable up to 1GB. It can withstand the impact of 3.5G g-force and boasts an MTTF of 50.000 hours, which is ideally suitable for rugged environments. It adopts Intel 945GSE integrated graphics chipset, supporting dual-display of VGA+LVDS with 18-bit dual-channel LVDS port.

The 104-1812CLD2N supports SATA, PATA and CF cards. SATA support is not realized via bridge chips, therefore the product can offer a favorable performance/cost ratio. It also provides various I/O ports like USB, GPIO, and COM. This product can be widely used in many applications, such as military, medical care, CNC, communications, transportation, etc.

The 104-1812CLD2N connects two RTL811C chips via the PCI-E bus of the ICH7-M and improves internal data transmitting speed with two Gigabit network ports, offering customers a great networking experience.

Click here for the datasheet.

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