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The VBT100 from Silicon ControlSilicon Control Inc. released a new product that verifies the performance of VME backplanes.
The VBT100 is a single board that plugs into a VME backplane and performs a series of extensive tests that check for intrusive voltages, correct power supply voltages, signal shorts/opens and proper impedance. The VBT100 operates from either backplane or external power allowing it to work in powered or unpowered backplanes.
It can also be used with other boards installed in the backplane and is hot swap pluggable. All signal inputs can withstand voltages from -40V to +40V.The intrusive voltage test identifies and measures all
signals that could damage other boards. The range of measurement for this test is -40V to +40V. The power supplies are constantly monitored and measured. If a supply voltage goes out of an acceptable range a message is displayed. Front panel LEDs are also provided that indicate proper power supply voltages. A short test checks for shorts to other signals, power and ground. The open test checks for opens and improper backplane terminations. The impedance test detects high and low impedance conditions. The VBT100 is a self contained unit with all information presented on a 24 character display and control switches on the front panel. After the tests are performed the user can scroll thru the test results which include the type of fault, signal name and connector pin.
The VBT100 is available in a standard 6U VME board in both 220mm and 160mm heights.

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Silicon Control, Inc. develops and market bus analyzers. These are powerful diagnostic tools used in the design, development, integration, test and support of computer systems. All of the bus analyzers are
single plug-in boards that capture and stimulate bus activity. Built-in features include tracing bus events, anomaly detection, performance analysis, compliance testing, master functions, stimulus pattern generation, target memory and more!

Bus analyzers from Silicon Control are available for VMEbus, CompactPCI, PMC-X, PCI-X and PC/104+.

The Analyze It! Software is the ultimate user interface for the control and display of analyzer setups and data. Open multiple windows for state, waveform, master, stimulus, performance analysis,
compliance testing, target memory and configuration scanning. Each window has its own controls, (Stop, Go, Setup) so every feature can operate independently. Change displays to fit your application by moving signals, changing bases and colors, defining grouped signals and much more.