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From EVOC, The NPC-8108 1U 19” Network PC Based on TOLAPAI

evoc_npc-8108.jpgEVOC Intellingent Technology Co. Ltd. released the NPC-8108, a 1U 19" Rack mountable Ultra Low Power Network Platform based on the TOLAPAI1200/600MHz processor. The chassis is shaped with high-quality steel sheet, high temperature protective coatings, contact surface protected. Compact architecture and elegant appearance.

The platform provides the best solutions for firewall/VPN, IDS/IPS, UTM, Content Management, auditing, monitoring for Internet bar, GAP, mobile value-added applications, etc., It is build around the NET-1718VD5N motherboard and does have 5 x Ethernet interface (1000Mbps) expanded by Intel 82571EB, realizing high-speed interconnection of network and supporting BYPASS function, 3 x Network controller module integrated in chip and 4-channel digital GPIO interface. It also can be configured as 4 x Ethernet interface (1000Mbps) and fiber interface through PCI-E.

It support a maximum of 4 GByte DDR2 memory and supports IDE and SATA as well CF card.

With respect to EMC, radio disturbance is compliant with GB9254-1998 class A. Immunity to disturbance is compliant with the limits of GB/T17681 and the chassis is GB4943 safety compliant.