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Firmware adds hardware JPEG compression to 4 Channel USB Frame Grabber

sensoray2255.gifSensoray Model 2255; Firmware adds hardware JPEG compression to USB Frame Grabber

The latest software release from Sensoray adds JPEG Compression to Model 2255 USB Frame Grabber.
A firmware file enables JPEG capture at up to 60 total frames per second from all channels, or 2 channels at 30 fps, or 4 channels at 15 fps.
The standard, free SDK, will allow a user to preview the JPEG capture capability, but adds a black bar
across the image. Standard uncompressed features are still fully supported by the included standard SDK.
The JPEG compression firmware is available for purchase.

Model 2255, successfully fills the industry need for a multichannel, low-latency, USB video capture device. Boasting an impressive total capture rate of 60 frames per second (fps), the 2255 allows for simultaneous video capture of up to 4 composite NTSC or PAL video sources at 15 fps or 2 channels at a full 30 fps. Full frame rate capture is possible across all channels simultaneously using monochrome or scaled down modes.
A variety of output formats supported by the 2255 eliminates the need for format conversions in a wide
range of applications. Supported formats include:
• RGB packed (24 bits/pixel, bitmap compatible)
• YCrCb packed (16 bits/pixel, YUY2 compatible)
• YCrCb planar (16 bits/pixel, optimal for image processing)
• Y8 (8 bits/pixel, monochrome).
The 2255 is powered through the USB 2.0 connection on a PC eliminating the need for an external power supply. The supplied software development kit contains the drivers for Linux and Windows, the API, and a demo program which illustrates the use of the API. The driver supports multiple units allowing for easy system expansion and integration.