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Evoc Intelligent Technology released Mini-ITX based on Intel® Atom™ D2700, D2550 or N2600

ev_ec7-1818cld2naaAs a result of the extensive Research and Development cooperation with Intel's embedded division, EVOC Intelligent Technology is able to release motherboards and complete industrial PC's products shortly after the release of the Intel Cedar Trail.

In the first quarter of 2012, EVOC Intelligent successively launched ultra-low power embedded PC series based on Intel® Atom™ D2700/N2600 processors. The new Intel Atom processors provide a lower thermal design power (TDP) and power management features such as Intel® Deeper Sleep and Intel® SpeedStep Technology that enable lower power designs, making it especially attractive for embedded systems as well as intelligent systems including: healthcare equipment, retail systems and entry-level digital signage. Based on Intel's leading-edge 32nm process technology, means improved performance and 20% power saving compared with previous generations processors.

Based on the Intel® Atom™ processor D2700, D2550 or N2600 EVOC released the EC7-1818, a Mini-ITX board with a powerfull display function and four display connectors like VGA, LVDS, HDMI and DVI. The maximum resolution and refresh rate supported by VGA is 1920×1200@60Hz; the maximum resolution and refresh rate supported by LVDS is 1440×900@60Hz; the maximum resolution and refresh rate supported by HDMI/DVI is 1920×1200@60Hz.

Multiple IO ports makes the EC7-1818 suitable for a broad range of applications. The board comes with a maximum of 4 GByte memory and the SATA2.0 interface support hotswap.