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Evoc All-in-One measurment and Control Computer for Automation Equipment

ev_aeq-2720.pngStandard 2U Rack-mount 32-point Remote Management Measurement and Control Computer for Automation Equipment.

The AEQ-2720 is a 2U standard rack-mount all-in-one remote management measurement and control computer for automation equipment. Featuring industrial-standard design and tailored to specific requirements of industrial fields, AEQ-2720 supports real-time data acquisition, conversion and processing, as well as transmission of relevant data to monitoring center.

The product is configured with a full set of external sensor connectors, including 16-channel analog sensor input port, 8-channel digital input port and 8-channel relay output port. All the I/O ports adopt opto-isolated connectors to adapt to industrial harsh environments. The product integrates 32-bit embedded ARM9 processor, and uses Web/Server management tools to realize intelligent data acquisition and control output, as well as synchronous surveillance at multiple locations in one network segment. Such black-box style design ensures system security, stability and confidentiality.

AEQ-2720 is suitable for all kinds of analog, digital acquisition and digital control output in environmental protection parameter monitoring, electric power, water conservancy and telecommunication unattended machine room parameter monitoring, industrial site and production line data acquisition, and data surveillance in petroleum, geological prospecting and other applications.


Analog Acquisition Channels Single-ended 16-channel/Differential 8-channel
A/D Resolution 16-bit
Digital Acquisition Channel Isolated 8-channel
DI Signal Range TTL-48V (adjustable current-limit resistance)
Relay Output Channel 5A/30VDC 5A/250VAC
Communication Port 1 x network port, 6 x serial port (2 x RS-232/485), 2 x USB
Wireless Network GPRS/CDMA
Data Storage 4G CF card (standard configuration), supporting IDE hard disk
Hardware Configuration Industrial-grade ARM9 processor
64MB memory (expandable to 128MB), 64MB Flash (expandable 128MB)
Operating System Linux 2.6
Mounting Method Standard 2U rack-mount
Dimensions 483mm x 260mm x 88.9mm