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Embedded SBC Testing Platform

The ESC-1201 from Evoc Intelligent Technology,ev_esc-1201a.png is a testing platform specifically designed for embedded SBC clients, providing such hardware as power supply, 3½" hard disk, 12" LCD, 2 x COM, 2 x USB, etc. Various motherboards can be installed in the platform to construct a basic computing system to operate system software and application program for the purpose of client tests. Based on an al-alloy chassis, this testing platform features convenient installation, portability, compatibility, and can be used to test a wide range of single board computers, such as ETX/COM, EC4, EC7, EC9, etc. The dimensions and mounting hole locations of the chassis are compliant with ATX specification, and compatible with any other boards that comply with ATX specification.ev_esc-1201b.png