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EDT announces the next generation of Camera Link boards for PCI Express

edt_pe4dva_foxEDT, Inc. has announced it's new line of Camera Link boards for PCI Express, including x4 and x8 framegrabbers, an x4 fiberoptic input framegrabber, and an x8 PCI Express simulator.

The DVa series boards feature improved performance, power over camera link (POCL™), and optional memory. Our first ever FOX board for PCI Express is compatible with EDT's RCX C-Link camera link to fiber converters which shatter the Camera Link distance barrier, providing up to 10 Kilometers of distance between the camera and host computer.

The new Camera Link 4 and 8 lane framegrabbers and 8 lane simulator are drop-in replacements for the existing (DV series) boards, which are being phased out of production. That means that applications that now work with EDT's PCIe4 DV C-Link, PCIe8 DV C-Link, and PCIe8 DV CLS will work without modification with the new DVa versions, the PCIe4 DVa C-Link, PCIe8 DVa C-Link, and PCIe8 DV CLS. The PCIe8 DVa FOX is a new product and requires the latest ( or newer) driver package.

All boards in the DVa product line come with a full software development kit, a common application programming interface, and engineer-to-engineer support.

For details on the x8 framegrabber, see the PCIe8 DVa C-Link product page
For details on the x4 framegrabber, see the PCIe4 DVa C-Link product page