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Concurrent Technologies launches new VPX board!

Concurrent Technologies launches new VPX board!

Concurrent Technologies has announced the Magni, a new SOSA-standard aligned, high-performance Plug-In Card.

Concurrent Technologies, (AIM: CNC) a designer and manufacturer of leading-edge computer products, systems, and mission-critical solutions used in high-performance markets by some of the world's major OEMs, is excited to announce the launch of Magni, a SOSA (open-standard) aligned, high-performance Plug-In Card based on an Intel® processor. The Company will market Magni as a Plug-In Card to system integrators and use it as the basis for its own system-level products.

Magni is a highly rugged card and incorporates on-board graphics processing capabilities offered by Intel®. For some customers, this will enable them to avoid the need for a dedicated GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processor Unit) card that would occupy an additional slot in the overall system. This in turn helps systems to be smaller and more efficient. Additionally, this product has an expansion interface on the board itself, to which a host of accelerator, storage, or custom processing cards can be directly attached. This allows for a wide range of customer-specific configurations, providing flexibility for systems integration. Typical applications include high-performance mission control, encryption processing, and secure storage.

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