Smart Embedded ATCA-F140-D

Smart Embedded ATCA-F140-D
Smart Embedded ATCA-F140-DSmart Embedded ATCA-F140-D
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  • PICMG® 3.0 compliant base interface switch
  • PICMG 3.1 compliant fabric interface supporting 1G, 10G, and 40G
  • Single AMC site
  • Optional SATA HDD or SSD
  • Integrated software package

The ATCA-F140-D from SMART Embedded Computing is a COTS 40G Ethernet switch blade providing the networking infrastructure for AdvancedTCA® (ATCA®) platforms.

It has been adapted from the ATCA-F140 commercial variant with an alignment block that enables the blade to be secured in a chassis with captive screws, such as SMART EC’s AXP1440-D chassis, which is specially hardened against shock and vibration for shipboard electronics applications.

The shipboard electronics environment is particularly demanding in terms of shock and vibration. Ship electronics must be able to withstand the effects of vibration from engines and other onboard systems, and must be able to withstand the intense shock of missile and torpedo hits. In conjunction with shock-hardened racks designed by the customer and SMART EC’s AXP1440-D chassis, the ATCA-F140-D has been successfully deployed in navy shipboard data centers at the heart of very dense computing and signal processing applications.

The switch blade provides total aggregated 480G internal fabric interface switching and routing throughput paired with 160G of external connectivity. Optional functions include SATA based disk drives and an AdvancedMC™ (AMC) site for general processing and/or packet processing functions.

A powerful on-board service processor executes all L2 and L3 switch functions, blade setup and hardware platform management functions independent of any processor AMC and/or SATA drive installed. This allows full, 100% utilization of the AMC based processor for end-user applications.